ZK840 Precision Scale

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The ZK840 is a touch-screen fully programmable, configurable, high resolution Quartzell™ digital bench scale designed to meet a range of industrial applications from warehouse, production lines, kitting stations, quality assurance to laboratory environments. Out of the box, this high precision scale is preprogrammed to be a dedicated high resolution parts counter with built-in inventory control. The ZK840 also has a wide range of dedicated applications available, including:
* High precision general weighing
* Counting
* Checkweighing
* Pack list kitting
* Grading
* Percentage recipe formulation
* Filing
* Balance and density weighing

The ZK840 is designed to work within most inventory management applications including an optional accessory, PLU Lookup. A wide range of stored data can be accessed quickly from its fully configurable database.

Additional Info
  • Applications / Features

    • Counting application with built-in database and inventory control
    • 1 billion counts (1,000,000,000 internal counts)
    • High accuracy digital Quartzell transducer
    • Checkweighing with built-in database, QA messaging and average checkweighing
    • Draft shield (1-10 lb /1-5kg only)
    • Grading with built-in database, 10 grading points, positive and reverse grading; Option: Printer
    • Pick list kitting with built-in database, with up to 25 different parts per assembly kit; Option: Scanners
    • Balance, 16 units of measure, GLP, percentage weighing, percentage recipe mixing, density formulation, high resolution mode; Option: Under-hook (1-10 lb /1-5kg only)
    • Options:
    USB Keyboards
    Columns 15” & 23” high
    Desk and wall brackets
    Stack lights
    Ball top (12”x14” base only)
    ZM-OPTO Provides 3 inputs and/or 3 outputs, external
    OPT022 G4 interface modules
    64G Micro SD Card

  • Material

    High resolution Quartzell mounted inside a robust aluminum die-cast clamshell BSQ base with 1100% overload and shock load protection BSQ base. This ZK840 indicator can also be easily removed for wall, deck or column mounting and will connect to the same indicator brackets as used on the ZK830. Maximum distance for the indicator to work away from the base is 50 ft (15m)

    ZK840 indicator is protected inside a tough ABS indicator housing that is most commonly mounted to the front of the

  • Display

    Designed to communicate a vast range of operator
    data on its large easy to read 5.3” x 2.75” dot graphic
    display, the ZK840 has been specially designed to
    aid the operator by providing more comprehensive
    graphical data representation.

  • Capacity

    1 lb to 2 lb (500 g to 1 kg) Max
    2 lb to 10 lb (1 kg to 5 kg ) Max
    10 lb to 70 lb (5 kg to 35 kg) Max
    10 lb to 70 lb (5 kg to 35 kg) Max
    70 lb to 175 lb (35 kg to 80 kg) Max

  • Platform Size

    9” x 12” with 6” (156mm) diameter weight platter
    9” x 12” with 6” (156mm) diameter weight platter
    9” x 12” (230mm x 305mm)
    12” x 14” (305mm x 350mm)
    12” x 14” (305mm x 350mm)

  • Heights

    9” x 12” or 12” x 14”
    (230 x 305 or 305 x 350mm)

  • Power Supply

    Two 12-36V DC power socket found on the rear of the BSQ base or on the rear of the ZK840 indicator. This allows the base or indicator to be powered from any 12-36V DC power source

    100V to 240V AC 50/60 Hz switch mode power supply mounted to the rear of the base
    Base can be powered using either a 12 to 36 VDC power jack on the rear of the base or to the rear of the indicator

    NiMH rechargeable battery option to give up to nine hours of continuous usage or ZQ remote battery option gives
    up to eleven hours continuous usage

  • Approval

    NTEP 10,000d single range of 3 range MI /MR

    (305 x 350mm):
    Measurement Canada 10,000d
    OIML 10,000d, EC 10,000d single range*
    UL/c-UL-US, CE, RoHs, RCM approved*