PLU Lite

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PLU Lite is a dedicated PC database package that works alongside a single ZK830 to expand its PLU data storage capacity.  It is able to easily store and recall over 100,000 piece weights.

The following information can be held and stored within the computer:

  • Alphanumeric part numbers (up to 20 characters)
  • Alphanumeric product description (up to 32 characters)
  • Stored tare for the local base
  • Stored tare for the remote base (if remote base is installed)
  • Piece weight
  • Upper & lower count limits for check counting applications
Additional Info
  • Features

    * Auto Search for part number & description
    * Displays live piece counts and Gross or Net weight for active base
    * Can be connected to any serial printer

  • Operating System & Communications

    * Windows x64 compatible, Minimum 4GG RAM
    * Windows 7, 8 & 10 Compatible
    * Only one ZK830 can operate with this software package
    * RS232 or Ethernet
    *Serial or USB barcode scanner to connect through PC