XPE-L Precision Balance

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Mettler Toledo
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XPE-L large platform precision balances deliver the best weighing performance for high capacity loads and provide a level of safety suitable for highly regulated environments. Built-in quality management tools enforce quality guidelines and manage passwords and access rights for up to eight users. The innovative Status Light™ built into the balance terminal uses color to indicate when it’s safe to start your weighing processes. Green means ready, yellow is a warning and errors are shown in red. Routine testing procedures can be easily implemented in the Test Manager and users are guided through tests and applications with step-by-step instructions on the color touch screen. With touch-less operation and wireless data transfer via Bluetooth and RFID, weighing large quantities of toxic substances is safer than ever before.

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  • Applications/Features

    - Extremely Durable: Thanks to the built-in overload protection, which ensures the weighing cell is fully safeguarded against excessive loads; these robust balances can withstand even the toughest of working environments.
    - Dosing Flexibility: The 15 and 20 kg capacity models easily accommodate typical-sized formulations. Combined with 10 mg readability, smaller quantities can be accurately weighed directly into the same tare container.
    - Optimized Processes: Connect a barcode reader for easy sample identification, send results to a wireless printer outside your immediate working area, or exchange data using RFID technology. Connectivity options enable you to optimize working processes to be more ergonomic and efficient.E.g. RS232, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID.