XPE Analytical Balances

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Mettler Toledo
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XPE analytical balances provide outstanding performance in analytical weighing and support the highest requirements for safety, efficiency and ease of compliance. Thanks to low repeatability, XPE analytical balances offer you the smallest minimum weight.
Quality management features, such as the innovative Status Light and patented Static Detect technology, take the worry out of weighing and provide you with a high level of trust in your results. With a wide range of accessories available and multiple
connectivity options, XPE balances grow with your needs. You can enjoy a wealth of weighing possibilities for years to come. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Switzerland for outstanding quality you can trust.

Additional Info
  • Applications/Features

    - Easy Compliance
    - Minimized Static Charges
    - Automatic Data Handling
    - Reliable Results
    - Touchless Operation
    - Easy Cleaning
    - RFID Based Operation - Pipette
    - RFID Based Operation - Titration
    - Fully Upgradeable

  • Capacity

    Up to 520 g

    Readability down to 0.005 mg