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Mettler Toledo
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XP Balances meet all weighing requirements quickly and securely, particularly in strictly regulated areas, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Use of innovative XP Balance equipment such as Smart Grid, MinWeigh Door and Ergo Clips reduces stabilization time, makes direct weighing into the desired container easier and helps obtain the lowest possible value for the minimum initial weight. Optimized sample transfer reduces waste and, particularly with valuable materials, leads to considerable cost savings. The numerous application-specific solutions enable ergonomic work and ensure efficient weighing processes. Comprehensive QM equipment meets quality assurance requirements. XP Analytical Balances give the highest possible weighing performance – even under the most
challenging laboratory conditions.

Additional Info
  • Display

    Smart Screen - color touch screen for comfortable and secure operation

  • Applications/Features

    - SmartSens - sensor for hands-free operation
    - Smart Grid - weighing pan for fast and highly accurate results
    - Smart Screen - color touch screen for comfortable and secure operation
    - Ergo Clips - holders for different tare containers
    - MinWeigh - warning signal when the minimum weight has not been reached
    - DeltaTrac Color - weighing range displayed in color
    - Level Control - warning signal when the balance is not level
    - Balance Check - automatic prompt to check with external weights
    - proFACT - automatic time and temperature controlled adjustment and linearization
    - Communication in 8 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, SP, RU, JP, CN)
    - Seven applications with on-screen user guidance (simple weighing, piece counting,
    formulation, percent weighing, statistics, density determination, differential weighing)
    - User Management for assigning access rights
    - Representation of various units of measurement, units can be customized
    - Individual reports can be assigned up to 4 IDs
    - GxP-compliant, seamless, traceable documentation
    - Simple PC connection (software: LabX, HyperTerminal, SQC, etc.)
    - Built-in RS232 interface and two auxiliary outputs
    - Slot for a second interface (7 options), including Bluetooth and Ethernet
    - Freely positionable terminal with exchangeable protective cover
    - Overload protector
    - Below-the-balance weighing device