VTC101 Truck Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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Model VTC101 is a concrete-deck truck scale with POWERCELL® PDX® technology added as a standard feature. It combines a concrete driving surface with a robust orthotropic understructure similar to those used in our steel-deck truck scales. The composite design
draws upon the strengths of both concrete and steel to produce an exceptionally durable structure. It eliminates a common cause of premature deck failure: voids in the deck that occur when pouring concrete around I-beam flanges and sharp corners. As a result, you get a weighbridge capable of handling legal over-the-road traffic throughout a long service life. By combining the strength of an orthotropic weighbridge with the reliability of POWERCELL load cells, this truck scale ensures that you will get years of trouble-free weighing even in the harshest environments.

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  • Applications/Features

    Features & Benefits:
    - 50t POWERCELL® PDX® Load Cells: Stainless steel load cells provide highest accuracy and reliability (IP68/IP69K).
    - POWERCELL PDX Network: Eliminates junction boxes and monitors network health.
    - StrikeShield - Lightning Protection: Protects your system from lightning damage.
    - International Intergard® Finish: Protects steel against corrosion even in the harshest environments.
    - Orthotropic Structure: Exceptionally strong weighbridge meets highest performance requirements.
    - Concrete Deck: Provides good traction when wet and improved resistance to certain corrosives.

    For weighing over-the-road vehicles in a wide variety of above-ground and deep-pit applications, including:
    - Solid Waste - Aggregates
    - Ports - Scrap Metals
    - Forest Products - Utilities
    - Bulk Foods - Chemicals
    - Agriculture - Dairy

  • Capacity

    120,000 lb (scale lengths < 23 ft-4 in) 200,000 lb (scale lengths > 23 ft-4 in)