SWB505 Multi Mount Weigh Module

Product Details

Mettler Toledo
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SWB505 MultiMount ™ features ensure correct scale system installation, right from the start. Weigh modules do not compromise on safety – all safety features are built-in. The rocker pin design provides the highest level of weighing accuracy. Service features,
including SafeLock™ provide easy and trouble free installation.

Additional Info
  • Material

    carbon steel / 304 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel

  • Applications/Features

    - Integrated lift-off protection
    - Vertical safety down-stop
    - Full 360° integrated checking
    - Ground strap - welding protection
    - SafeLock - Weigh module locked for installation
    - SafeLock - Load cell protected for installation
    - Dual stabilizer option
    - All load cells with IP68 / IP69K and fully stainless steel
    - Global approvals standard on each load cell
    - OIML C3/NTEP III M n:5 or OIML C6/NTEP III M n:10
    - Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware
    - CalFree: Calibration without test weights