QTLTS Forklift Scale System

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Avery Weigh-Tronix
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The Avery Weigh-Tronix QTLTS Forklift Scale System turns a lift truck into a mobile scale. The system includes a durable, frontmounted digital scale carriage with Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors and two viewing ports, as well as a choice of two in-cab instruments. The system allows operators to easily and quickly capture weight data en route, without extra steps.

Simply attach the QTLTS scale carriage to an existing Class II or Class III cleat-type forklift carriage and mount the FLI 225/425 instrument in a convenient driver location. This system allows seamless integration of weighing and data management into your operations without adding any extra
steps or route changes.

Data Management:
The FLI 225 instrument provides a simple, no-nonsense solution through classic or enhanced operation for capturing weight and supplying it to a peripheral device.
The FLI 425 instrument simultaneously displays multiple fields of data, assisting the operator with a visual reference. Data can be stored on-board or instantly transmitted wirelessly to a local or global network.

Additional Info
  • Applications / Features

    Scale Carriage:
    Front and Back Plates Yield Strength: 43,500 psi
    Weigh Bar® Fasteners Yield Strength:160,000 psi
    Weigh Bar Tensioners Yield Strength: 150,000 psi
    Mounting Hooks Yield Strength: 43,500 psi
    View Port: Two viewing ports
    Weight Sensors: Four Avery Weigh-Tronix 2500 LB Weigh Bars direct coupled, no
    Overload Protection: Withstands up to 200% of full capacity applied anywhere
    up to 24” from frame and side loads up to 100% of full capacity
    Finish: High grade powder paint

    Weigh Bar:
    Type: 2.5k weight sensors (4) 5,000 LB. 6k weight sensors (4) 10,000 LB
    Metal Properties: AISI 4340 steel yield strength 140,000 psi
    Zero Balance: ± 0.10 mv/v
    Non-Linearity Maximum: 0.3% of rated output
    Hysteresis Maximum: 0.03% of rated output
    Temperature Effect on Output: ± 0.0025% ° C of rated output (-10 to +40° C)
    Temperature Effect on Zero Balance: ± 1.70 x 10-7 volts per volt 5°C (-10 to +40° C)
    Safe Overload Rating: 150% of capacity

  • Approval

    * NCWM Certificate of Conformance 07-028
    * Accuracy Class III, 5000 x 5 LB
    * Compatible with ITA Class II, 16” high cleat type carriage
    * FCC part 15B
    * Measurement Canada AM-5715
    * EC TAC UK 2862