PFA579 Lift Floor Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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Open channels and recesses are perfect places for contaminants to hide. They make it harder to maintain the hygienic conditions required for food and pharmaceutical processing. The PFA579lift floor scale solves the problem. With a fully sealed frame and no exposed threads, the scale gives contaminants nowhere to hide. Combined with an easy-to-lift platform, the fully sealed design makes this scale your best choice for easy wash down in hygienic applications. A high-performance, rocker-pin suspension provides accurate weighing in wet and corrosive environments. The PFA579lift floor scale can be installed in a pit or on top of the floor.

Additional Info
  • Material

    Standard Construction: Type 304 stainless steel; 1/4-inch deck plate
    Load Cell Type: Four 350-ohm load cells; hermetically sealed stainless steel; IP69K

  • Applications/Features

    - Easier Cleaning
    - Greater Accuracy
    - Better Repeatability
    - Safer Operation

  • Platform Size

    48x48 and 60x60 inches
    (1219x1219 and 1524x1524 mm)

  • Capacity

    1000 lb / 600 kg, 2500 lb / 1500 kg, and 5000 lb / 3000 kg