PFA261 Floor Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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The PFA261 floor scale is a fully electronic scale that delivers reliable weighing. It is made of carbon steel with a durable two-part, epoxy-painted finish. With its rugged construction, the PFA261 floor scale provides accurate, repeatable weighing for a variety of industrial applications. The scale is designed to be installed on top of the floor and is suitable for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. It is not designed for forklift traffic. Adjustable feet make it easy to level the scale on uneven floors or when moving the scale to a new location.

Additional Info
  • Material

    Standard Construction: Two-part, epoxy-painted carbon steel
    Load Cell Type: Four SLB215 load cells; nickel-plated alloy steel; hermetically sealed; 350 ohms; 2 mV/V output

  • Applications/Features

    Features & Benefits:
    - Top-of-Floor Installation: Eliminates need to construct and clean a pit.
    - Tread-Plate Surface: Provides safe footing for workers.
    - Hermetically Sealed Load Cells: Maximum protection in industrial environments.
    - Locating Plates: Positions the scale securely.
    - NTEP Class III: Legal-for-Trade applications.

  • Platform Size

    36x36, 48x48, 60x60 inches
    (914x914, 1219x1219, 1524x1524 mm)

  • Capacity

    1000 lb / 600 kg, 2500 lb / 1500 kg,
    5000 lb / 3000 kg, 10,000 lb / 6000 kg