PBA430 Bench Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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Easy to clean, these weighing platforms support internal quality management systems in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Additional Info
  • Approval

    * EHEDG and NSF compliant
    * GMP compliant

  • Ingress Protection


  • Material

    All stainless-steel construction

  • Applications/Features

    For use in
    - Food industry
    - Chemical and pharmaceutical
    - Production
    - Harsh environments

    Product characteristics
    - Certified for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
    - Protection to IP69k allows optimal high-pressure cleaning
    - Weighing platform with hermetically sealed stainless steel weighing cell additionally protected against immersion to IP68
    - All stainless-steel construction
    (1.4301/AISI 304)
    - All weighing platforms certifiable to OIML, Class III with 1x3000e
    - Comprehensive product line with 8 weight ranges (3-600kg), 8 platform sizes (from 240x300mm to 600x800mm)
    - Can be used in hazardous areas of Category 3 G/D (PBA430) and Category 2 G/D (PBA430x)
    - The optional digital balance interface enables connection of the PBA430 line to all terminals with IDNet interface.

  • Platform Size

    From 240x300mm to 600x800mm

  • Capacity