PBA426 Bench Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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The PBA426/PBA426x fully stainless steel platform is a robust, durable and economical solution for a wide range of weighing tasks with light wash down requirements. This platform series is a perfect fit in many food manufacturing or chemical/pharmaceutical processing applications with a need for durability, uncompromising cleanliness and a good protection against the impact of water (120 min./day), humidity and condensation. The PBA426x series can also be used in hazardous environments.

Additional Info
  • Approval

    OIML and NTEP approved

  • Ingress Protection


  • Material

    Platform: Full stainless steel construction

  • Applications/Features

    Rugged, Easy to Clean, Precise for Your Light Wash Down Applications

    - Stainless Steel Load Cell
    - Precise Leveling - High Protection
    - Optional Hygienic Kit
    - Hygienically designed
    - Water resistant according IP65/IP67

  • Capacity

    3 to 60 kg