NewClassic T Balance

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Mettler Toledo
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For precise results wherever you need them. For added security, with just one keystroke adjust the balance using the internal adjustment weight. The streamlined and ridge free design makes the balance easy to clean, and operating the balance is very simple, thanks to the intuitive keypad and brilliant display. NewClassic ML balances offer Swiss precision on-the-go and are a smart choice in any situation.

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  • Display

    4.5” color TFT touch screen with clear icons

  • Applications/Features

    Big Features Go Compact

    - Intuitive interface simplifies operation
    The large 4.5 - color TFT touch screen with clear icons and intuitive guidance enables users to operate quickly even while wearing cloth/rubber gloves.
    - Proven weighing cell, reliable results
    MonoBloc weighing cell with FACT automatic internal adjustment and the Level-Control functionality deliver reliable results.
    - Compact and convenient
    The compact design makes the most of your workspace, while offering powerful functionalities to support you in your daily tasks.