NewClassic MS Balance

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Mettler Toledo
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With precise results, easy cleaning and a design made to last, NewClassic balances help you deal with many business challenges, from boosting productivity, achieving high quality to serving heightened customer demands. Swiss technology combined with Swiss precision and quality assist you in creating lasting value for your business.

Analytical or Precision

Additional Info
  • Display

    7” Extra-Large Color TFT touch screen

  • Material

    Full metal housing

  • Applications/Features

    - Trusted Results
    Quick to dismantle: Quick Lock for draft shield and glass panels. Chemical resistance:
    Full metal housing resistant to most chemicals incl. acetone
    - Easy Cleaning
    7 - Extra-Large Color TFT touch screen with intuitive user interface and more than
    10 built-in applications
    - Comfortable Weighing
    Built-in checks and safety features such as MinWeigh, Level Control, ISO-Log,
    Sample IDs, Pass code Protection and Automatic Internal Adjustment (FACT)