NewClassic ML Balance

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Mettler Toledo
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The mobile all-rounder for easy operation and small budgets
Without compromising ease-of-use or precision, NewClassic ML balances have everything a basic balance needs: an ergonomic design with a brilliant display, easy-to-clean glass draft shield, an intuitive user interface, multiple built-in applications,
battery operation for full mobility, and of course, good weighing performance and robustness. For guaranteed consistency and precision year after year.

Additional Info
  • Display

    Brilliant Backlit Display:
    Even under extreme lighting conditions, the numbers and symbols can be read easily and accurately on the brilliant backlit display.

  • Applications/Features

    - MonoBloc: Proven weighing technology for fast and accurate results
    - Battery Operation: Full independence from power supply for 8 hours
    - Overload Protection: Protects the weighing cell against excess weight overload
    - Features Adjustment: at a keystroke with an internal weight (analytical models only)
    - SmartTrac: Shows how much of the entire weighing range has been used
    - Protection of main balance configurations against Manipulation
    - Diagnostics: Easy running of balance diagnostics test e.g. keypad test, repeatability test
    - Connectivity: RS232 interface for connection to PC or printer
    - Protective Cover: Encloses the entire housing protecting the balances from stains and scratches
    - Adjustment at a keystroke with an external weight

  • Power

    Every ML model can be both AC and battery operated. The built-in battery slot fits 8 standard AAA batteries for 8 hours of use. Ideal for work in field or whenever a power supply is hard to find.