MG4500 Liftmate HD Floor Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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METTLER TOLEDO? MG4500 LIFTMATE HD is a fully electronic floor scale designed for heavy duty applications, such as weighing steel coils or heavy freight with large forklifts. It can accommodate many different applications, since it provides the flexibility of being installed flush with the floor or above ground.

Additional Info
  • Approval

    NTEP, Class III, COC #89-103

  • Material

    Stainless Steel Load Cells & J-Box

  • Applications/Features

    - CENTERLIGN - Capture Foot Suspension: Assures only vertical forces are applied to load cells
    - LIFTMATE - Structural Channel Frame: Excellent protection for top-of-floor installations & Integral pit frame for in-floor installations
    - Rugged Industrial Construction: I-beam construction for extremely heavy loads, Constructed of mild steel, with a rugged two-part epoxy paint finish & 100% End Loading; ideal for forklifts and other concentrated loads
    - Stainless Steel Load Cells _ Provides extra protection in harsh environments
    - Hazardous Area Approval _ Factory Mutual Approved Load Cell when used with METTLER TOLEDO Intrinsically Safe Instruments.

  • Platform Size

    Ranges from 5' x 5' to 8' x 10'

  • Capacity

    40,000 lb & 60,0000 lb