KX-T4 Line High Precision

Product Details

Mettler Toledo
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The heart of the product line Kx-T4 is the TBrick-Ex measuring cell, approved for hazardous areas of categories 2GD, including FM IS; Class I,II,III; Div1; Groups A-G; T4. The appropriate, intrinsically safe indicator IND560x connected with APS768x power supply unit offers you the perfect weighing system for applications in Class I, Div 1.

Additional Info
  • Material

    Choice of powder-coated, hot-galvanized, or stainless-steel surface finish

  • Applications/Features

    - Precise
    - Rugged
    - Reliable
    - Approved for hazardous areas: CENELEC and FM
    - Compliant with GMP

  • Platform Size

    350 x 280 mm to 1500 x 1500 mm

  • Capacity

    15 kg to 3000 kg