IND780 Batch Controller

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Mettler Toledo
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software The IND780batch controller combines advanced batching control technology with the powerful features of the IND780 terminal. Engineered for the Food, Specialty Chemical, Plastics, Glass and Aggregates batching and formulation market, the IND780batch works as a stand-alone terminal for single or multi-scale applications, with high speed cut-off, Ethernet connectivity between PC Tool, terminals and configurable I/O. Installation and setup are quick and easy, for a “box to batch” solution. In even more demanding applications, IND780batch can configure advanced predictive adaptive control algorithms and best practice automatic material transfer functionality (Q.i) for superb accuracy and throughput.

Additional Info
  • Display

    TFT color graphical LCD display with backlight

  • Applications/Features

    - Works as a stand-alone terminal for single or multi-scale applications.
    - Optimizes your Batch process with consistent, accurate material transfers
    - Minimizes material waste, improves batch quality and yields increased profits
    - Meets legal metrology and safety standards in most world markets; multi-lingual firmware adaptable to local requirements
    - Features intelligent recovery from power loss to prevent waste of valuable material
    - Has print capability for end-of-batch summary and custom print messages