IND570XX Terminal

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Mettler Toledo
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Solutions The IND570xx brings the flexibility and power of the IND570 terminal into Division 2 and Zone 2/22 hazardous areas. Offering the same valuable features and functionality you expect from the IND570, this terminal is a certified and economical solution that is ready to use right out of the box.

Additional Info
  • Display

    High contrast, high resolution OLED display with 25mm-high weight indication. Decreased power consumption with OLED technology

  • Applications / Features

    Integrated Applications:
    General: Simple, manual weighing, transaction counter, accumulation/totalization, automatic tare/print/clear, auto-zero maintenance, x10 weight display
    Material Transfer: Standard software supports single material filling or dosing with integrated I/O control
    Checkweighing: Static checkweighing with intuitive graphical display and integrated I/O support
    Remote Display: Functions as a remote display (via a serial or Ethernet connection) for another METTLER TOLEDO terminal. Simple function control (clear, tare, zero, print) provided through the HMI
    Data tables: Target Table stores values for up to 200 material IDs. Tare Table stores up to 99 tare weights
    Alibi Memory: Stores individual transaction data. Export as .csv file for further use
    Printing: 10 customizable templates. Manual and automatic print triggers. Standard data and service reports available. Print via serial and Ethernet ports. Direct print to connected USB memory device. Direct print to USB printer is not supported
    ID Prompting: Store up to four 30-step custom routines to guide users through an operating sequence. Use to assure consistency and collection of transaction data. Add external keyboard or barcode scanner to facilitate data entry

  • Capacity

    2,000,000 maximum capacity; maximum 100,000 display increments

  • Power

    AC: 85-264 VAC, 49-61 Hz, 750 mA (harsh and panel enclosure types)
    DC: 20-29 VDC, 1.25A (panel-mounted enclosure only)