IND131 Junction Box Terminal

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Mettler Toledo
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Stainless steel enclosure including internal board to sum load cells

Additional Info
  • Display

    Organic LED display readable in all light conditions Ultra-fast A/D conversion rate and TraxDSP® digital filtering

    Green OLED including weight display, weight units, gross/net indication and graphic symbols for motion and center of zero. 10 updates/sec.

  • Approval

    - OIML: Class III, 6000e
    - Measurement Canada Approval: #AM-5819

  • Applications/Features

    - Split housing design uses two snap in place tabs for secure assembly and easy disassembly
    - Front panel display and 4-button interface for ease of service
    - Front panel access to SD Memory Card slot
    - Detachable terminal connectors
    - Environmental protection rating IP20

    Basic process weighing for gain-in-weight (filling), loss-in-weight (dosing) and level indication

  • Power

    AC Version; 24 VDC Version