ICS685 Counting Compact Scale

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Mettler Toledo
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The new terminal line: ICS425 – ICS435 – ICS445 –ICS465 and ICS685 offers you seamless integration into your production process as your scale can be individually configured for fast and precise operations–exactly according to your needs. The terminals feature different applications used in the manufacturing industries:
* Simple weighing
* Counting
* Totalizing
* Checkweighing
Portioning, filling

Additional Info
  • Display

    Color TFT Display (320 x 240 pixels)

  • Applications/Features

    - User Prompting
    - User management function
    - Temperature check function
    - Statistics software
    - Software to administer/manage database
    - Scale embedded database (up to 30,000 articles)
    - Routine tests: calibration checks, linearity, corner load test
    - Optional exchangeable battery
    - Numeric keypad
    - Hard keys can be deactivated to prevent incorrect key press
    - Die-cast aluminum housing, IP54
    - Date and time
    - Counting, Over/Under Checkweighing, Totalizing
    - Color Weight® function
    - Color TFT Display (320 x 240 pixels)
    - Certifiable to NTEP Class II up to 60,000d
    - Alibi Memory/Transaction memory
    - 5 Configurable Soft keys
    - 2 selectable display modes
    Optional Li/Ion Battery Version can charge while scale plugged in or can be charged in a charging station