ICS429 Terminal

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Mettler Toledo
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The ICS bench portable food line is based on four different terminal models. Each of them can be ergonomically mounted in three different ways to the weighing platform. Choose from a broad range of platform sizes and capacities. An optimal combination increases the process security, leads to less production failure and speeds up your productivity.

To optimize your process procedure, you choose the placement of your terminal for best ergonomic position. Either fixed directly on the platform, mounted on a column or separated for desk or wall mounting.

The open stainless steel construction minimizes contamination traps and provides easy access to all parts for fast and efficient cleaning. The total hygienic design of the product line will assist your HACCP plan compliance efforts.

Scales are important identification points in your traceability process. Various interface options offer easy integration into existing data management systems. External devices such as printers, barcode readers and labeling equipment can easily be integrated.

Additional Info
  • Display

    LCD liquid crystal graphical display, with backlighting

  • Power Supply

    100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 300 mA
    Power cord approx. 2.5m

  • Material

    Full stainless steel constructions

  • Applications/Features

    - Fast and Precise
    - Simple to Operate
    - Rugged Construction
    - Tailored to Your Needs
    - Efficient to Clean

  • Platform Size

    Five different sizes
    (9in. x 9in. to 16in. x 20in.)

  • Capacity

    Five capacities (3 up to 60 kg)

  • Power

    The optional built-in rechargeable battery allows up to several days of portable use.