Gagemount Weigh Module – High Capacity

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Mettler Toledo
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Gagemount weigh modules enable you to convert
a heavy-capacity tank, silo, or hopper into a scale.
They can be adapted to a wide range of applications, including tanks used for filling, mixing, batching, and inventory management. Regardless of the application, these easy-to-install weigh modules can deliver accurate and repeatable performance in heavy-duty
weighing environments.

Additional Info
  • Applications/Features

    - Hermetically sealed load cells.
    - Stainless steel load cells (20t-200t only).
    - Built-in check rods (20t-100t only).
    - Safety support block (20t-100t only).
    - Nickel-plated carbon steel (20t-300t) or electropolished stainless steel (20t-200t) mounting hardware.
    - Global approvals standard on every load cell (20t-100t only).