FLI 225 and FLI 425

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Avery Weigh-Tronix
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The FLI 225 instrument provides a simple, no-nonsense solution through classic or enhanced operation for capturing weight and supplying it to a peripheral device.

The FLI 425 instrument simultaneously displays multiple fields of data, assisting the operator with a visual reference. Data can be stored on-board or instantly transmitted wirelessly to a local or global network.


Additional Info
  • Applications / Features

    Operational Key:
    FLI 225: On/Off, Zero, Print, Select, Tare, F1-F4
    FLI 425: Hard keys On/Off, F1, Store, Zero, many touch activated keys

    Design Platform: FLI 425 - Windows CE.NET®

    Communication Ports:
    FLI 225: Two RS 232 serial ports
    FLI 425: RS 232 serial, USB, Ethernet, Compact flash memory, Compact flash WiFi

  • Material

    * FLI 225: Composite with tilt and swivel brackets, designed to IP65

    * FLI 425: Cast aluminum with high grade powder paint. Soft surround wrap provides operator head protection. Tilt and swivel brackets, with vibration isolation

  • Capacity

    * FLI 225: 4 LB / 1.8 KG

    * FLI 425: 7 LB / 3.2 KG

  • Platform Size

    * FLI 225: 8.14”W x 5.19”H x 4.03” D includes mounting bracket

    * FLI 425: 10.75”W x 7.44” H x 4.5” D includes mounting bracket

  • Power Supply

    9 to 36 vdc, 3.5 Amp, Inactive stand by mode