Excellence Plus XP Micro Balance

Product Details

Mettler Toledo
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Excellence Plus XP: Improved performance with more security.

Additional Info
  • Display

    Smart Screen, graphical color display with touch screen operation

  • Power Supply

    Power supply with AC/DC adapter

  • Applications / Features

    Standard equipment:
    - Smart Screen, graphical color display with
    touch screen operation
    - SmartSens, two sensors for hands-free
    operation of the balance
    - Status Bar, two displays for visualization of
    the SmartSens functionality
    - proFACT, fully automatic temperature
    and/or time-controlled internal adjustment
    - Weighing pan made from stainless steel,
    with draft ring or draft shield depending on
    - Spring-loaded stabilizing feet for all
    0.1 g and 0.01 g models
    - Built-in RS232 interface, slot for second
    freely selectable interface and two switch
    - Protective cover for terminal and weighing
    - Feed through for below-the-balance weighing
    - Power supply with AC/DC adapter
    - Country-specific power cable
    - Weighing adapter for optimal adaptation
    to the environment
    - Production certificate for equipment

    All models can:
    - Download software via the Internet
    - Display different weighing units
    - Tare over the entire weighing range
    - Adapt to the environment
    - Adapt to the weighing type
    - Display statistics with ±, % display
    - Count with reference optimization
    - Formula weighing, including security protection
    - Factor calculation
    - Manage users with password protection
    - Change History/Adjustment History
    - Schedule balance checks
    - Notify minimum weight with MinWeigh,
    determined according to different methods
    - Operate hands-free, including visual
    and acoustic feedback
    - Alphanumeric identification
    - 4 IDs per sample
    - Communicate in seven languages:
    e, d, f, I, sp, russ, jap

  • Power

    Country-specific power cable