BSQ Digital Bench Base

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The BSQ is a high resolution digital bench base with up to 1 billion internal count resolution.  It’s designed to give balance accuracy within an industrial environment.

Additional Info
  • Indicator Compatibility

    ZM400 Series indicators

  • Connectivity

    * Base connection to the indicator can be achieved by either RS232 to indicator or PC terminal (for customer application software only)
    * 1xRS232 (via Keyed RJ45 socket)
    * 1xUSB VCP

  • Power

    Base is powered from the indicator

  • Base Size & Max Capacity

    10 to 70 lb (5-35kg) Max; 9"x12" (230 mm x 305 mm)

    10 to 70 lb (5-35kg) Max; 12"x14" (305 mm x 355 mm)

    100 to 150 lb (50-80kg) Max; 12"x14" (305 mm x 355 mm)