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Mettler Toledo
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The BC series scales include the latest technology, and are a drop-in replacement for the legendary PS scale. They offer the same ruggedness, reliability, and ease of operation. BC scales’ advanced electronics and graphical display allows greater flexibility and enhanced performance. Designed to work flawlessly with major shipping and manifesting software, the BC scale is the ideal choice for parcel and shipping stores, post offices, carrier retail counters, corporate mail rooms and warehouse packing and shipping stations.

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  • Applications/Features

    - Cast aluminum and structural steel frames for exceptional durability, with overload capability to 500%
    - Plug-and-play connectivity with carrier shipping and manifesting software
    - GeoCal - compensates automatically for local gravity effects, avoiding initial on-site calibration
    - Choice of two display types with adjustable bracket for attached or remote use
    - Flexible communications including standard USB (HID point of sale), Serial, Virtual Serial, or built in Keyboard Wedge
    - Options for Alibi Memory, Ethernet communication or Bluetooth wireless communication.
    - Added value applications, such as label offset to compensate for items added to parcel after final weighing
    - Easy configuration of special capacities and resolution