APR510 Label Printer

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Mettler Toledo
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The METTLER TOLEDO APR510 is a compact desktop printer designed for industries and applications where a reliable and cost-effective barcode printer is required. Integrated communication capabilities, accelerated print speed and special media capabilities give this printer features and reliability usually found only in more expensive printers. It represents the perfect balance between affordability, ease of use and reliable operation.

Additional Info
  • Approval

    UL, CE

  • Power Supply

    Auto-ranging power converter

  • Applications/Features

    Features and Benefits:
    - Horizontal split cabinet with a rear hinge for easy ribbon and label loading
    - Dual walls and concentric hinges provide a sound, rugged construction
    - Wrap-around window allows the media level to be verified visually, without interrupting printer operation
    - User interface panel sealed to prevent liquids and debris from damaging the sensitive user controls
    - Larger, standardized one-inch ribbons cost less than the typical smaller desktop ribbons
    - Most critical parts, like the print head and the platen roller, can be replaced without tools or special expertise
    - Versatility guaranteed by choice of gap, notch, or reflective media sensing
    - Global use thanks to a universal power supply