Advanced Motorized Test Stand Model ESMH-DC

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Mark 10
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Series DC advanced digital controllers are designed to expand the functionality and programmability of basic motorized test stands, including models ESMH, TSFM500/TSFM500H, and TSTM/TSTMH. These controllers are available with new test stands (more info), or may be used with any existing test stands of the above models that are already in use. Simply plug in the Series DC controller. No setup is required.

These highly sophisticated controllers offer PC control capability, extended speed ranges, programmable cycling, auto return, overload protection, and more. See the Features / Specifications list below for further details.

Additional Info
  • Applications/Features

    - Computer Control
    An RS-232 port is provided to interface with a PC. The ESMH-DC accepts a number of commands pertaining to test stand motion and force gauge functions*. The following additional items are required for PC control:
    - Series 7/5 force gauge or Model 7i/5i indicator
    - 09-1056 serial cable (see Optional Equipment)
    - 09-1162 multi-function cable (see Optional Equipment)
    - Overload Protection
    Protects a force or torque gauge against overload. The user programs the desired percentage of full scale of the gauge. Adjustable analog output voltage setting allows the controller to interface with virtually any force or torque gauge with analog output. Requires one of the above mentioned instruments and 09-1162 multi-function cable.
    - Auto-return
    The crosshead moves to a limit switch, force (requires one of the above mentioned instruments and 09-1162 cable), or travel position (TSTM only), stops, and reverses direction at full speed to the other limit switch, force, or travel position.
    - Cycling / Dwell
    Time The crosshead moves up and down between limit switches or force set points (requires a Series 4, 5, or 7 force gauge). Configurable up to 99,999 cycles. Dwell time allows the operator to program the amount of time, up to 9,999.9 seconds, in 0.1 second intervals, for which the crosshead pauses at limits.
    - Programmable Button Functions
    Expands UP and DOWN button operation to three user-configurable modes:
    1. Maintained (standard): short push produces continuous motion until STOP is pressed
    2. Momentary: crosshead moves only while the button is pressed
    3. Auto: short push produces maintained motion, while holding the button down will produce
    - Independent Up and Down (CW and CCW) Speeds
    Programmable independent speeds for up and down directions (CW and CCW for torque test stands)
    - Selectable speed units of measurement (in/min & mm/min)
    - Password protection
    Prevents unauthorized changes to test parameters
    Broad speed range
    - Force Measurement

  • Power

    Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC