Food Processing:

In the food industry, the quality of food and its shelf life depends on hygienic processing, careful handling, and optimal packaging. Delivering consistent quality in measuring and weighing are critical issues. Kennedy Scales and check-weighing products solutions provide net weight control of pre-packaged goods for food manufacturers– reducing the risk of violating FDA requirements and government regulations by meeting label weight standards.

Kennedy Scales’ products are also easier and less expensive to clean, while incorporating details such as easy lifting mechanisms, minimizing areas where contaminants can get trapped, and of course always utilizing high-quality construction and stainless steel components. As the largest supplier of weighing products and systems in the Upper Midwest, Kennedy Scales has helped hundreds of companies like yours improve productivity and compliance with products that are better built, better performing, and easier to clean.

Force Measurement:









Hazardous Environment:

Weighing in hazardous environments needs accuracy and reliability without compromising safety.






High Precision:







Inventory/Counting Control:






Shipping & Receiving – In Motion & Material Handling:












Kennedy Scales can meet your special requirements with best-in-class components for unique weighing applications and system solutions. Our process instruments are designed for real working environments and can be easily connected via certified industry standard interfaces for quick and robust connectivity.

The critical balance of a company’s production, profit margin, and revenue recovery is dependent upon precise weighing and measurement and the translation of that data into usable information. Whether you are counting inventory, pulling parts for use in manufacturing processes, or performing other weighing-related operations, Kennedy Scales equipment and software can get the job done faster and more efficiently. As the largest supplier of weighing sensors, products, and systems in the Upper Midwest, we have helped many companies like yours improve productivity and product quality.

Unattended Truck Kiosks:

The Unattended Driver Station makes it easy to use a vehicle scale without having an operator present. When a vehicle arrives at the scale, its driver can complete the entire weighing transaction at the kiosk. The Unattended Driver Station is ideal for scales in remote locations or for scales where an operator cannot be present.

Download the Unattended Driver Station Application (PDF)




Kennedy Scales Vehicle Systems’ strength is its ability to design and implement sophisticated applications, providing solutions to even the most demanding business problems. We also realize that your investment in our vehicle scale software solutions is also a long-term investment in our people. For that reason, we provide the highest levels of on-going support and maintenance of our products, long after your system is installed and improving the way you do business.