Time is Money
It's true. Especially when it comes to taking inventory or handling peak business periods and special projects. You need to get the job done fast and right. Now there's a better way. No more manual counting. No more hoping that your numbers are correct. And best of all, no worries about an up-front investment in equipment.

Weigh a Better Option
Electronic counting scales are fast, accurate and economical. With the advance microprocessor technology featured in today's counting scales, jobs that once took you hours can now be completed in minutes. You can electronically count large numbers of parts in seconds - everything from feather-weight components to heavy metal castings.

Do the Math
Rental scales equal total convenience and zero hassle. No one is crazy about up-front capital investments. And who needs the extra headaches of maintenance? Rental not only eliminates those problems, it also helps you tackle others: peak periods, covering for equipment failure and handling short-term projects. When you rent, you get all the convenience of ownership and none of the problems. Kennedy Scales makes sure that the equipment you rent is matched to your needs and always on the cutting edge of technological developments.

Tip the Scales in Your Favor
You'll never know just how much you can benefit from scale rental until the solutions available are matched to your needs. Just give us a call. We'll set a time to meet with you, survey your needs and provide a complete solution for all your scales needs. We can also provide you with information on our rental-purchase options plan.

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